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Fernando Ortega

Plotting, analysis and manipulation of scientific data.

Complex application for analyzing scientific data in the form of statistics which draws graphs and plots with an interface similar to other spreadsheet software.

PAST is a freeware data analyzer app and calculator developed by Oyvind Hammer for Windows. It's well-designed, light on system resources, advanced and powerful.

The download has been tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below. We've also created some screenshots of PAST to illustrate the user interface and show the overall usage and features of this data analyzing program.

Spreadsheet-style software for scientific analysis of data and numbers

Past is free software for scientific data analysis, with functions for data manipulation, plotting, univariate and multivariate statistics, ecological analysis, time series and spatial analysis, morphometrics and stratigraphy.

Features of PAST

  • A spreadsheet-type data entry form.
  • Both interactive user interface and scripting.
  • Curve fitting: Linear (ordinary least squares, Reduced Major Axis, Major Axis, robust) with bootstrapping and permutation, Durbin-Watson and Breusch-Pagan tests, Generalized Linear Model including logit regression, lin-log (exponential), log-log (allometric), polynomial, logistic, von Bertalanffy, Michaelis-Menten, sum-of-sines, smoothing splines, LOESS smoothing, Gaussian (species packing), multiple multivariate regression, logarithmic spirals.
  • Graph, scatter, 3D scatter, bubble, histogram, kernel density estimation, box, percentile, ternary, survivorship, spindle, matrix, surface and normal probability plots.

Compatibility and License

PAST is provided under a freeware license on Windows from calculators with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and 4.03 is the latest version last time we checked.

What version of Windows can PAST run on?

PAST can be used on a computer running Windows 11 or Windows 10. Previous versions of the OS shouldn't be a problem with Windows 8 and Windows 7 having been tested. It's only available as a 64-bit download.

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PAST has been picked by our editors as very good.
We have tested PAST 4.03 against malware with several different programs. Please review the test results. We have not certified this program as clean. [Read more]